Ayurveda 101: A Basic Intro

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Liz Mead

Liz Mead received her Masters at Columbia for Human Rights and has been an educator for twenty years. While teaching history at an inner-city high school in New York, she began leading afternoon yoga classes—the only highly attended after-school program at her school. Yoga helped her students overcome emotional obstacles and fall in love with love with their lives again. Thus motivated, she received certification from Laughing Lotus yoga studio in New York City. Liz is now certified as an Ayurvedic counselor, Rule 31 mediator, and teachers her own teacher training while teaching around Nashville. Since receiving her certification, Liz has taught yoga in New York, California, Nashville, Belize, and Costa Rica. Her yoga classes encourage students to find their own practice by helping them understand the body’s potential and uncovering the unique rhythm of their own breaths. Her style is energetic and informal, warm and welcoming, and her goal is to bring yoga, nutrition, and wellness to everyone—even the skeptics. Liz has developed various health-related workshops, She believes that people of all ages and backgrounds can lead healthier and happier lives through movement and nutrition. Her twin mantras are, “Move like yourself” and “Become your own best teacher.”


  1. Avatar photo Don Schuldes on at

    Love this blog! I’m interested in Ayurveda and would love to talk to you about the path you went