Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Nicole Gheorghe

Nicole Gheroghe Doering is the Co-Creator and Editor of Dope Yogi. Originally from NYC, Nicole now resides in Nashville, TN with her 2 dog-children, Bear and Luna, and husband, Jeremy who is the other human behind Dope Yogi. Nicole has been practicing yoga for well over a decade, and has been teaching since 2012. Nicole has trained with Jason Crandell and Shiva Rea, and her classes are a balanced blend between technical and creative in the style of vinyasa yoga. Outside of yoga, Nicole loves spending time in nature and doing anything creative. She loves taking baths, and is a huge self-love advocate. She writes and reads and cooks and spends lots of time cuddling her dogs. Nicole and Jeremy both follow a plant based diet, and love traveling and meeting people all over the world! You can connect with Nicole on instagram @nikki_fresh or contact her directly through the Dope Yogi website. :)


  1. Erin G on at

    “Go ahead and drop every single expectation you’ve walked into the room with.” Brilliant… I always need to hear and remember this! Thank you for this!!!

    • Thank you, Erin! Such a great reminder for all of us!

  2. Biggs on at

    Good for your First or your next class!

  3. 360 lace wig on at

    Thanks a lot for you sharing!It helps me a lot !Absolutely love it and i am expect more from you.