The Art of Doing Nothing

Jessica Hetterich

Jessica fell in love with yoga on Valentine's Day in 2016 when she attended her first power vinyasa class and she has been in a committed relationship with the practice ever since. The physical challenge, emotional benefits, and yoga community kept her coming back for more. She teaches and works full-time for Shakti Power Yoga in Nashville, TN. As a teacher, it is her intention to create joy and ease, and encourage her students to be curious about the modifications, variations, and mindfulness that make a yoga practice their own. Her 7th grade history teacher who introduced her to the concept of being a “learner for life” and it’s the way of being - one of enthusiasm for knowledge and curiosity - that she cultivates in the yoga studio and her life. She is a graduate of Belmont University where she studied public relations and music business. After graduation and a brief stint living in Brooklyn and back with her parents in Hamilton, OH, she decided Nashville was home and has lived there since 2006. When she’s not practicing or teaching, you can most often find her lounging by the pool reading her monthly book club book, quoting Gilmore Girls in regular conversation, planning/taking beach vacations, hiking at Radnor Lake listening to Ariana Grande, and dining on patios with friends (the working title of her memoir).


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